Why Do You Need a Local Rank Checker?

The Local Search Rank Checker (LSQC) is an essential tool for small businesses. The Local Search Ranking Checker (LSQC) is a free online ranking report tool that businesses can use to monitor their rankings in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The Local Search Ranking Checker (LSQC) is designed to help businesses understand their position in Google, MSN, and Yahoo’s local search results. By tracking a company’s search positions in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it is able to highlight where the company is in local search at a given time.

When using the Local Search Rank Checker, one will get the ranking reports in the form of several reports. These are: Keyword Position Scorecard, Keyword Competition Scorecard, Meta keyword Rank Checker, and competition Scorecard. Among these, the keyword competition scorecard is of great importance as this shows the company’s standing in the search engines on a typical keyword. The Meta keyword rank checker reveals the competition in the different keyword sets that the company uses. By reviewing these, the small and medium sized businesses can decide which keywords to concentrate on and target.

While using the Local Search Rank Checker, it becomes necessary to be very clear about how the tool works. It starts by monitoring the top ranking sites for a particular keyword set and then analyzing the link patterns between these sites. After analyzing the linking patterns, the tool identifies the anchor text used in the links. Using the LSR metric for each site, the rank checker then determines which sites need to be improved in rank and which should be abandoned.

For example, in rank checking tool for Google, the analysis of link patterns for each site reveals that most of the sites that have high rankings are using the same set of keywords on each page. This is a clear indication of duplicate content. To remove duplicate content, the ranks will have to be adjusted. To do this, the rank checker will have to identify all the pages that have duplicate content on a particular keyword. It will then eliminate these pages from its results.

The Local rank checker also helps the company by finding out its competitors. This way, the company can make its marketing campaigns more efficient. If the target keywords are not present on the SERPs of the competitors, then the company can use other keywords that are more appropriate for its business. This way, it is assured that it will rank higher in the SERPs and get more targeted traffic.

By setting up a customized tool, the Local search rank checking tool can analyze the keywords being used by the competitors. The Local rank checker can track competitors that have higher search engine rankings as well. Moreover, it also has an internal tracking of the pages that are not getting enough searches and can be improved. Thus, the Local rank checking tool can be used to keep an eye on the competitors, catch out the new keywords, and improve the profitability of a company.