What Does the Relevance of a Document?

The retrieval engine, sometimes referred to as indexing tool, is the tool which computes the rank of a given document. This tool has an advantage over the other search tools in the Internet, since it is more effective, efficient and faster compared to the others. The retrieval engine uses the inverted index in order to score the documents based on their relevance. This is how the engine scores the document. In this article I will discuss what the retrieval engine does and why you should use it in your website optimization campaign.

What is the inverted index? TheĀ google inverted index is a method used by the search engines which computes the relevancy of the documents. The search engines use a ranking system, called the inverted index. This ranking system evaluates documents based on their relevance with respect to each other. So if the document A has the same relevance to document B, then document B will be placed at the first position. If documents A and B are unrelated to each other then they will be placed at the second position. In case, of documents A and B, the first position is taken if the first occurrence of the keywords occurs in the document.

The retrieval engine works by performing keyword analysis on the document. This means that the engine compares the document with the previous documents and checks whether the words contained in the document match the ones which are contained in the previous documents. Once the comparison is complete, the tool gives back the document which is the most relevant in terms of the keywords used. So the most relevant document is the one which is ranked highest. This also means that the most relevant page should be the top ranked page for the particular keyword.

The index is also used by the search engines as an additional factor in their decision making. This is because a document with the same relevance as another can be classified as similar in nature to it. When the algorithm decides to rank both documents, it first finds out which one is more relevant in terms of keywords and then ranks them.

The reason why the index is used by the engine is because it can easily determine which document is most relevant in terms of keywords. Since the search engine considers the similarity of the keywords, and because they are able to make easy comparisons in terms of the keywords used, they can rank more than 100 documents that have similar contents based on the keywords.

The main disadvantage of using the index is that the search engines may not always recognize the relevance in terms of keywords. Therefore, you may not get the desired results when you use the index. But the good news is that the index is considered as a very good tool by many search engines, so you can expect a high ranking result from the search engine using it.