Phrathong provides both classic and modern looks

Phrathong cartridge is the popular brand name of Phuket’s small-scale jewelry. It came out in the market in the year 1992 and has been a huge hit ever since. The design of the Phrathong cartridge jewelry is a combination of many shapes and styles. The jewelry is made from numerous materials including sterling silver, semi-precious stones, wood, and mixed materials. The designs are simple yet very appealing. In Phuket, there are also many small-scale shops selling this type of jewelry.

The Phrathong cartridge jewelry can be worn with any dress. This makes it very versatile as it comes in different colors and designs for different occasions. In addition, its unique feature to withstand pressure makes it an even more attractive choice. The Phrathong cartridge is known to be able to withstand very heavy loads and this quality is very important for women who are into outdoor activities. In fact, the Phrathong cartridge is also used by the army.

Phrathong provides both classic and modern looks. Many of the designs come with colored gems that have a shimmer to them. The gold used is always golden to give the jewelry that traditional look. The colors available are usually soft and subdued to compliment any type of hair color.

There are also some designs that have beaded trims which make ตลับพระทองคํา the beading more visible. There are designs for both men and women. There is a special model for long hair, which has a large space between the beads which gives more depth to the hair. It is usually used for the Asian look.

When it comes to the price, it is dependent on the size of the beads used. Smaller beads cost less than big ones. They also tend to last longer. The Phrathong cartridge costs around $20, although you can buy it from other sources at lower prices. There are many advantages to using Phrathong. Since the beads are handmade, they are always unique and never used by anyone else in the world.

When buying a Phrathong cartridge, make sure you are buying the right size for your hair. There is no point in buying a color that completely incompatible with your skin tone or hair type. Always buy from a reputable store, which ensures quality and comes with a warranty. Choose colors that go well together. The brighter colors enhance the look and the deeper shades take away the attention from the natural beauty of the hair.