Exciting Thai Movies For Your Film Experience

If you love watching movies, then this is a great way to improve and memorize the Thai language. The recommendation here is that you make it part of your hobby to watch as many Thai movies as possible, whether monthly or once a week. If you don’t know which movies to choose, this is definitely the right place for you. You can start learning Thai from these Thai movie websites. Below are some of the suggestions you can follow to help you get started.

April is Thai movie month! This month, there will be at least five Thai films premiering across the globe. However, if you do not have time to spare for a movie on April, you can always watch the classics on April 1st. April is also the national film day in Thailand, so here are some Thai films you can watch during this special day.

The first Thai movie that I have to introduce you here is called Apman Wat Anand Muay Thai. It is a relatively recent release (it came out in theaters last April), but it is also one of the better Thai films I have seen recently. It is about a young girl who travels to Bangkok to study martial arts with her martial arts master father. The movie follows their journey, while also showing the other side of the family, as well. Like most of April’s Thai movies, Apman Wat Anand is set to be release without English subtitles ดูหนัง.

A relatively new Thai movie that just debuted in theaters last weekend is The Pirate’s Tale. It is part of the Wave of the Future series of Thai films directed by Surin Ang. The movie is about a group of buccaneers who earn a living by catching and selling antique shipwrecks. This is definitely not your typical Thai movie and it took the world by surprise. The movie took the entire country by storm and currently ranks first on the Thai box office. The film has brought in an incredible $1.7 million dollars at the first weekend, which was a record at the Thai box office.

Another new Thai film that just debuted last weekend is Ja Duen Keng. This is a remake of the classic Ay Mo Ko (The Female Snake) starring Thai actress Anfi Wangni. The film also starsaptoo. Like Apman Wat Anand Muay Thai, Ja Duen Keng is also set to premiere without English subtitles. It is expected to rake in a few million at the Thai box office.

As you can see, Thai films are quickly moving up the charts in terms of quality, production value, and popularity. More people are flocking to the theaters to watch these movies. If you haven’t had a chance to see one yet, you definitely need to. You will be hooked once you do! Visit some Thai movie theaters near you or order online for great quality Thai films on DVD.